How to mix 90s slow jams by dj soops

Get the djsoops RMX’s & mixtapes here: (FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY) How to mix 90s slow jams….its the end of the night at a club somewhere in London…. Feel free to contact me on facebook or YouTube (Dee Jay Soops) for party bookings (Clubs,Events,Weddings,Birthdays, Christenings,Housepartys).Exceptional rates for an exceedingly good time…what more could you ask […]

Old School R&B Slowjams 2004-2007

By many requests I finally dropped another Old School Slowjam mixtape. This time I focused on the mid 2000’s. Most tracks are about unfaithfulness, break ups and anger within a relationship. We’ve all been there, through the hardships, heartaches, breaking ups and getting over it. When you look back you remember that period and let’s […]