DuckTales Theme Song – Saturday Morning Slow Jams

Get our album of cartoon slow jams on iTunes and Google Play: on Loudr: Tweet me your cartoon suggestions @scottbradlee Every Saturday morning, I’ll be bringing you another classic cartoon theme reimagined as ’90s R&B. This week, POW!GRL tackles “DuckTales,” one of the more sensual theme songs. Just a reminder: this is NOT the same […]

Slow Jams with R Dub!

Slow Jams’ host and creator, R Dub, has truly mastered the art of specialty programming. R Dub uses his 20 years of Slow Jams experience to deliver top-quality programs week after week, book after book. Over the decades, R Dub has kept his finger on the pulse of the audience. By doing so, he has […]

Pokemon Theme Song – Saturday Morning Slow Jams

Get our album of cartoon slow jams on iTunes: or on Loudr: On Facebook: Ever wonder what the cartoon theme songs of our childhood would sound like as ’90s r&b? Yes, I’ve wondered that, too – and that’s why I’ve launched a video series to explore this idea. Tune in every Saturday morning and get […]

After Hours Slow Jam – Featuring Methrone

This Florida native is known for his home grown soulful melodies. Methrone discovered at a young age that his lyrical and musical talent is far beyond his years. Methrone began writing at an early age. Creative energy and a vivid imagination have allowed him to write, sing, and produce both of his albums. Methrone’s first […]